Hi, my name is Sergei and I am a systems programmer.

I am interested in a number of topics related to computer science, they include: design of operating systems, low-level software optimization, information security, translation theory and compilers.

But I like not only computers. I read with pleasure popular scientific literature and fiction. Music is a huge part of my life. Guitar is my favorite musical instrument, but I also play ukulele a little. I am a runner and sometimes do street workouts on a horizontal bar.

Open Source

I have a number of contributions to open source:

  1. In Linux kernel;
  2. In NetSurf;
  3. Own Projects.

My Affiliation

My current place of work is Kaspersky lab. where I'm responsible for development of a hardware assisted hypervisor available as a part of Kaspersky OS.


Most of my career I worked for Samsung Electronics. But I had one other affiliation during my studentship, there I was focused on information security system targeting to Russian military market. So I know and can do enough in the spheres of virtualization and system-level security.

In short during all my career I worked with the following technologies and areas: hardware-assisted virtualization, Linux kernel security drivers, optimization of compression and graphical libraries, development of memory-subsystem level code for Linux kernel including various research approaches like COMA (Cache Only Memory Architecture) and networked swap of anonymous memory, binary code instrumentation and analysis, online compression of graphical buffers in GPU driver and so on.


You can write me an email: rogachevsergei [at] gmail [dot] com.