Welcome! Bit by bit is a homepage of an ordinary systems programmer. A short info about me is available in the page "About". Here I publish some notes on systems programming, information security and other topics. There is no any firm framework — any, even non-IT, topics are possible.

The name "Bit by bit" is not accidental. First of all it reflects that from my point of view all these low-level details like bits, registers, caches and so on matter! These are part of my world and my mentality, just like functions, mappings, critical points, bifurcations and other abstractions are daily-used concepts of mathematicians. They are my hammers, screwdrivers and nails.

Moreover the name is about a way how I would like to introduce some technical material to a reader. Bit by bit and step by step, gradually opening the veil of mystery.

This site is made using a shell script named "", among other features this allows to attach file hierarchies to pages, don't be afraid to observe the attachments.

Enjoy reading and happy hacking.