This page is a collection of notes on various topics. All notes are organized for easier navigation.

GPUs and Mali

  1. Bad Style in Mali Utgard Kernel Code
    A note regarding a number of bad-style issues in the latest revisions of the Mali Utgard kernel driver.


  1. Holy Flash Stick
    A story about one interesting bug in the kernel reproduced with a broken USB flash stick.


  1. Transparent Compression of GPU Memory (LVEE 2016 Summer Conference)
    In 2016 I participated in the conference Linux Vacation Eastern Europe, cool event carried out in the tourist camp Khimik (Grodno Region, Belarus) with a report on technology for on-the-fly compression of GPU graphical buffers.
  2. Overview of Microkernel Operating Systems (outdated)
    These slides were prepared by me for a meeting of our local Operating Systems Club. The goal was to provide an introduction to a microkernel concept and argue development of a new microkernel operating system.